About the project

The association “Great Hope for Children” is in Austria also known under the name “Du bist wetvoll”. which means “You are valuable”. Our project has a clear mission: To provide children and young adults in Nairobi  with an education order to break the cycle of poverty that has been recurring for generations.


Nairobi is one of the poorest regions in the world. Ensures that donations arrive directly, in a targeted manner. In additionto it helps us to continuesly learn where and how we can best help. With the help of our association, orphans and families affected by poverty receive  access to education, food, medical care and protection.


The great hope children center was  founded by pastor Evans Olouch in 2012.  Since 2016, Andreas Pirker, has been working with passion and personal commitment, providing opportunities, fundraising and mentoring African children and their families.


Around 170 children, including around 90 orphans, are currently being cared for by Great Hope for Children. At the center they are provided with three meals a day, schooling, textbooks, day care and health insurance. For those children without parents or family, clothing and care outside of school as well as a place to sleep are provided.

“We were born to be charitable.”

William Shakespeare

What do we want to achieve with our project in Nairobi:

  • Coverage of monthly basic costs Improvement of hygiene standards
  • Guaranteeing basic medical care and building up emergency reserves
  • Projects in slums in cooperation with the center (jobs, financial resources for the center to compensate workers fairly, …)
  • Construction of a building incl. orphanage, school    and accommodation
  • Provide professional training, especially for girls and women to further their independence, and to steer them away from illegal prostitution.